DATSIK » Firepower Records Releases Datsik and 1000volts’ Single “Monster”

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21 August 2017

Firepower Records Releases Datsik and 1000volts’ Single “Monster”



Los Angeles (August 18th, 2017) – Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the release of Datsik and 1000volts’ new collaborative single “Monster”. 1000volts is a duo comprised of hip-hop legend, Redman, and world-renowned turntableist and producer, Jayceeoh. This project brings together three massively influential artists and the crafts they’ve pioneered through their careers. Datsik claims a seat in the hallowed chambers of modern Dubstep’s hall of champions, and Jayceeoh successfully transformed his notoriety as a master turntablist into a massively successful career as bass music bombardier. Redman’s epic career define the glory days of Hip-Hop, and his collaborations with Method Man and featured collaborations with Wu-Tang Clan occupy a large part of the Rap narrative in the United States. “Monster” is the result of an improbable coalescing of diverse musical characters across time and space. But that’s the state of music today: a kid from an idyllic mountain town in British Columbia can end up producing music with one of his childhood rap icons from Newark, New Jersey. In fact, one of the first records Datsik ever bought was Redman’s “Dare Iz A Darkside”. Gotta love that!

As “Monster” cranks up, Redman doesn’t skip a beat. He explodes out of the gate in a “homicidal flow”, strafing the tune with an aggressive round of potent lyrical wizardry. Redman’s signature swagger cuts through the rolling bass line, and his rapid-fire vocal cadence is reminiscent of the famous UK grime lyricists. The bridge between Rap and Bass Music is crossed all the time these days, but Datsik and Jayceeoh construct a tune that harnesses the strength of Redman’s skill, rather than detract from it. The song is still quintessentially wubby, and, like with every tune Datsik and Jayceeoh have produced, easily recognizable in style and substance. With Jayceeoh’s production aptitude added in, the track transcends any simple description, and the result is dance floor bomb, an absolutely vital set list weapon.